Vodacom Tanzania

Pay Bills

Pay your bills with ease. No hassles or queues!

Over 160 service providers in Tanzania accept payments through M-pesa like LUKU, DStv, Startimes, TRA etc

• To pay your Bill dial *150*00# to get the M-pesa Menu.
• Choose Paybill option then Look-Up for the biller of your choice.
• You can also enter the business number of the biller.
• Depending on the biller, Your reference number can be your phone number, Smart card number, Meter number, Name etc.

Business / Biller / ActivityBusiness No.Reference No.Service
Luku - Tanesco100,300Meter No.Electricity
DSTv300,000Smart card or Account No.DSTV subscription fees
TRA property tax500,300Tax payment no. (12 digits)Property tax payment
TRA Personal Income Tax600,400Account No.Personal income tax payment
Startimes 700,100Account No.TV subscription payment
PRECISION Air ticket333,777Booking No.Payment/collection account
CRDB 900,500Account No.Deposit to Bank
HESLB 800,500Form four Index No.Loan application fee payments
Vodacom Contract100,100Phone No.Postpaid Payments
DAWASCO100,500Meter No.Water bill payment
NECTA200,600Reference No. (NECTA web generated)Exam Fees
TEA404,040Mobile No.Education contribution
Coastal Travels100,900Booking Ref No.Ticket purchase
Yanga200,200Phone No.Membership fees payments
Simba500,500Phone No.Membership fees payments
GEPF700,200Membership No.Membership contributions
Heritage Insurance444,666Membership No.Insurance Plans
Radio Maria100,200Area Code No.Payment/collection account
Barmedas TV222Client IDPayment/collection account
Forever Living products200,700Distributers IDPayment/collection account
Bingo Products200,900Dealer IDPayment/collection account
Real Insurance200,300Policy No.Payment/collection account
Tujijenge loans re-payment100,400Loan Account No.Payment/collection account
MWEI200,100Loan Account No.Payment/collection account
CCBRT200,500Contributor's NamePayment/collection account
Africa Microfinance200,800Loan file No.Payment/collection account
Data Vision400,700Product codePayment/collection account
Auric Air ticket400,300Booking No.Payment/collection account
Tanzania Library Services(TLS) 400,400Membership No.membership fees
K-Finance loan payments400,600Loan account No.Loan disbursement and collection account.
Agape400,800Mobile No.Payment/collection account
Access Bank Tanzania loan repayment500,200Account No.Payment/collection account
SMPOS vendors' payments500,600Vendor's ref no.Payment/collection account
Max Malipo (J-Link) vendor's payments600,300Vendor's ref no.Payment/collection account
Contribution to TING800,800Account No.Payment/collection account
Real People loan payments800,900Account No.Payment/collection account
Skylink Air Ticket800,300Booking No.Payment/collection account
SEDA loan payments900,400Loan account No.Payment/collection account
FIESAL Cable Network subscription fees900,600Account No.Payment/collection account
DUWASA bill900,700Account No.Payment/collection account
ORIFLAME charges333,555Consultant No.Payment/collection account
KIVUKO Online222,111Registration IDPayment/collection account
Spatial services505,050Product codePayment/collection account
DATA Vision services400,700Product codePayment/collection account
Robert Advertisement Company levies222,333Mobile phone No.Payment/collection account
Bongo Live Services222,444Purchase requestPayment/collection account
Syscorp Finance loan re-payments222,777Full Name or Group NamePayment/collection account
Fasta Tickets333,444event or bus codePayment/collection account
Stake Agrobase services400,200Phone No.Payment/collection account
MUE services990,000Phone No.Payment/collection account
TAZARA SACCOS loan re-payments444,555passbook No.Payment/collection account
TAZARA MBEYA SACCOS loan re-payments606,060passbook No.Payment/collection account
Hotspot Magazine services222,555Phone No.Payment/collection account
Multicom Solution Fees333,666Registration No.Payment/collection account
Belita Funds loan re-payments333,222Loan file No.Payment/collection account
Victoria Finance loan re-payments616,161Loan file No.Payment/collection account
Winlot Lottery Tickets222,999Agent's company namePayment/collection account
TWB loan re-payments444,999Agent's ID codePayment/collection account
  • To call Customer Care, dial 100 on your Vodacom phone.