Vodacom Tanzania

Prepaid Data Bundles

1. What is pre-paid data bundle?

It is a Vodacom product that allows pre-paid customers to purchase data bundles by first crediting their normal IN account using current available voucher denominations then converting Airtime from IN account into data bundle in order to access WAP/Internet at lower prices per MB.

2. What are benefits of pre-paid data bundle product?

  • It is cheaper; every Vodacom customer can afford so long as his phone is compatible with the Internet/WAP services.
  • It promotes the general use of the data service thus stimulate increase in revenue.
  • It makes data communication easier even if some one has got no airtime balance in his IN account.

3. How does a customer purchase data bundle?

Dial *149*01#
Select "Internet"
Select preferred bundle

4. How does a customer check the balance of the data bundle?

Write a key word "BalanceData" (English) or "SalioData" (Swahili) and send to 15300. Eventually customer will receive reply message displaying the data volume balance purchased.

5. Suppose a customer want to purchase multiple/duplicate data bundle is it possible?

No, a customer cannot purchase another data bundle until he finishes the existing bundle.

6. If a customer puts the wrong keyword when purchasing data bundle, is there any possibility of purchasing the data bundle?

No, the customer will not be able to purchase data bundle instead he will receive error notification via SMS

7. Is there any possibility of transferring data bundle to another subscriber?

No, customer will not be able to transfer data bundle to another subscriber.

8. If a customer's line is stolen and at the same time the line has the purchased data bundle, will the data bundle still be safe after Sim Swap?

Yes, after Sim Swap procedure the customer's line will still have the data bundle that he purchased before his line was stolen.

9. Can a customer convert back the data bundle purchased into IN balance?

No, the customer can not make any conversion of the data bundle through IN balance.

10. Can a post paid customer purchase pre-paid internet bundle?

No, post paid customer can not purchase the pre paid internet bundles, they should directly claim the data bundle through their account managers if they

  • To call Customer Care, dial 100 on your Vodacom phone.