Vodacom Tanzania

SMS Roamers FAQs

1. What is SMS Roamer Service?

SMS Roamer is a new and exciting product from Vodacom which allows Vodacom customers (both prepaid and postpaid) to roam only on SMS (voice and data will be disabled)

2. Is SMS Roamer different from normal roaming;
Yes, with SMS Roamer you will only be allowed to send and receive SMS.

3. Can SMS Roamer Service be used in any country?

No, this service will only be applicable to the networks that have roaming agreement with VTL

4. Is SMS Roamer a default service to subscribers?

No, customer will have to activate the service

5. How do I activate SMS Roamer Service?

  • While in either VTL network or foreign network, customer will SMS "SMSRoam On" to 15300 (free of charge)

6. When is the right time to activate SMS Roamer service?

  • Prepaid customers can activate either while at home network or while in foreign network as shown on question above
  • Post paid need to activate while at home network (before leaving the country)

7. Upon successful activation of SMS Roamer Service, will customer receive any response?

Yes, customer will receive the following confirmation SMS response

"Your request to join SMS Roamer has been submitted and activated. Thank you"

Note: Unsuccessful activation will be identified by below SMS response

"Invalid request, please try again or contact Customer Care at 100 / 101"

8. What are the advantages of using SMS Roamers service?

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to remember what to pay
  • Easy to keep communication contents as it is in form of text.

9. What will be the charges per SMS while using SMS Roamer service?

Click here to view all SMS Roamer Charges

10. When customers successfully activate SMS Roamer Service, can they be able to use voice and data services?

No, while SMS Roamer service is active, then voice and data services are disabled.

11. What if someone calls me when I'm on SMS Roamer:
All calls to your number will be notified that your phone is not reachable (as when you turn off your phone), however, if you have MCN activated on your phone you will receive an SMS notifying you of missed calls. So you will know who called you at what time.

12. Will my SMS bundles apply:
No, no bundle will apply when SMS Roamer is activated

13. What about Kama Kawaida:
Kama Kawaida will also be eligible for SMS Roamer.

14. When customer is using SMS Roamer Service, will they be charged for incoming SMSs?

No, incoming SMSs will be free of charges, charges will apply when sending SMSs

15. Can a customer decide to unsubscribe from SMS Roamer Service?

Yes, customer can unsubscribe by sending "SMSRoam Off" to +25575X XXX XXX" (This SMS will be charged at the normal international rates SMS)

Note: customer will also be able to call Customer Care while roaming from another telephone on +25575X XXX XXX to activate / deactivate the service. Applicable international calling rates will apply.

16. Can prepaid customer enjoy SMS Roamer Service to countries that VTL doesn't have prepaid roaming agreement?

Yes, but roaming authorization must be done before leaving the country if they are travelling to a country that VTL does not have prepaid roaming arrangements.

  • To call Customer Care, dial 100 on your Vodacom phone.